Adding a touch of Disney Magic to your Holiday displays (part 2)

A Christmas Village

A Christmas Village is basically an ongoing series of buildings produced by companies like Hawthorne Village or Department 56.  They make different buildings and accessories each year that you can add onto your fictional town.  We never had one growing up and I was not really all that familiar with them myself.  A few years back I was remarking how much I liked a friends traditional Christmas Village.  She commented she was surprised I did not have one.  She assumed my love of miniatures, models, and Christmas that I would have had one long ago.  I was shocked as well as it seemed like a no brainer and  and set out that night planning our town.  My daughter and talked about what to do she settled on the Disney town and we set out slowly collecting the buildings and building our tiny town.  There are different makers, styles, and scales.  Some can get very pricey, especially if they have been discontinued.  We settled on the Department 56 Disney Village line.  It was priced right, currently in production, and great combo of cute design and bold fun colors.  We built the snow, hills, roads, water feature, sidewalks and more.  My daughter even made the Mickey shaped stones that lead up to Mickey’s house.

Disney Christmas Village - The Imagine EarsDisney Christmas Village - The Imagine EarsDisney Christmas Village - The Imagine Ears


We enjoy making cookies and Christmas is the best time to get baking some festive and colorful treats and heartfelt gifts.  There are variety of licensed molds out there, but we have also found some great ones on sites like Etsy from designers with 3D printers like this one of my daughter’s favorite character Stitch.


Here is the Stitch cookie cutter we bought on Etsy from Crimson Mane Creations.  Also, I took a photo of our cookies, but they don’t compete with these that we found on The Partiologist Blog.

Wall Art

One thing we do around the holidays is wrap our wall art in wrapping paper with ribbons in bows.  In the Disney room with the Disney Christmas Tree and Village we use wrapping paper with a Disney theme.  Much of the paper available is a little too garish to hang on the wall.  I have found some great options on 3rd party sites like Zazzle where I got this great print.



Until next time…


The Imagine Ears features the DIY projects, adventures, and thoughts of a father and daughter who use a shared love of all things Disney to create memories together through encouraging her interests in architecture, design, Imagineering, while exploring history and science.

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