Disney Pixar Madness Bracket (Pixar, Disney, Marvel, Star Wars, & More)

You have probably seen the bracket going around on social media that pits Disney vs. Pixar films in a tournament bracket.  As I looked it i found that wished some of the films choices were different and also arranged or seeded in a different order.  We saw various You-tubers debating their rankings and I thought it need to be a little less bias.  I wondered what my rankings would be so out of curiosity I decided to make my own brackets.  I have set it up so that you can pick your own regions.

People have very strong opinions about these films I felt the best way to be unbiased and impartial was to base my brackets on data.  The best data based way to seed them was based on their box office.  Tickets cost much less in 1937 than they do in 2018, so I adjusted all the box office for inflation.  When you do this Snow White becomes the high grossing animated film and A New Hope passes The Force Awakens. I thought about including other factors in my rankings but there are not real other criteria to use that spawn the 70+ Years.  I am very happy with the seedings and surprised by some of the films that appear on the list.

I started out with just the Disney vs. Pixar match up.  But, I quickly found that using the box office some films I wanted were not included so my experiment grew to include 6 brackets.  I have set it up so that you can pick your own regions and have 2 brackets, or 4 or 8.   I created regions that include Disney all time animated films (or to break it down smaller Disney Classic Era/pre-Little Mermaid or Disney Modern Era/post-Little Mermaid), Pixar, Live Action/Action Movies, Live Action/ Family Movies, Marvel Cinematic Universe, and Star Wars.

UPDATE:  We have everyone over for Easter dinner.  After we had eaten and hunted for our eggs we decided to use the new brackets.  My daughter ran a series of rounds with everyone voting on which movie to advance.  We decided whatever won the tournament would be what we watched later that night.   Our rounds were Disney Classic Animation vs. Modern,  Live Action Family vs Live Action – adventure, Marvel vs. Pixar, and Star Wars go the bye.  It was then the winner of the Disney Animation vs Live action and the Marvel/Pixar winner vs Star Wars.  Our final round came down to our Disney Modern Winner vs the Marvel winner.  The event was full of cheers and boos, heated calls and “Cinderella” stories.

I hope you enjoy filling them out as much as I enjoyed making them.

bracket - disney modernbracket - disney classicbracket - live - familybracket - live - actionbracket - pixarbracket - marvelbracket - star wars




If you want to have all the animated Disney films in one bracket..

bracket - All Time

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