Disney Magical Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is just too short of a window to show the women in our lives, be it our wives or mothers, how much they mean to us and how much we appreciate all they do.  With some of these tips you may be able to add some Disney magic to make that day a little more special.  If you are reading this blog, chances are that special someone is a Disney fan.  You may owe part of your fandom, as I do, to that special trip you took with your father and mother to a Disney park when you were a child.  Adding a touch of Disney to the Mother’s Day celebration may not be for all, but it is fun for the kids, and if your wife would like it, here are some things that we have done on Mother’s Day to add some magic to the day.  I don’t want to overpower the day with theming so most of these were not all done in one year, but this a collection of elements that we have done over the years.

Magic Kingdom photo by Tom Bricker (check out his Flickr)
Magic Kingdom photo by Tom Bricker (check out his Flickr)

If your family is like ours, some of our fondest memories of vacations occur inside that magical gates of the parks.  Much of the ideas behind adding a Disney touch is about recreating aspects from vacations.  I try to create a little vacation in our suburb.  This also emphasizes the love in our family and the memories associated with these events and vacations.


Our day often starts with my wife’s favorite breakfast, waffles.  We have a mickey shaped waffle maker.  It is different from the one in the park’s many restaurants, but it has served us well.  If you want that classic mickey flavor of the parks you will want to buy some malted waffle mix.  In a future post I will highlight one of my creations for truly unique Disney Waffles.

Mickey-Waffles-Ohana        819OJ6jOk1L._SL1500_

Spa Day

Part of a great Mother’s Day is pampering the woman that works so hard and does so much for your family.  If you have ever had the pleasure of using a spa at one of Disney’s deluxe resorts, you know that they really know how to treat someone like royalty.  Each year we often go for a family pedicure.  Yes, even I go along.  I was resistant as first but now I love it, I would recommend all the dads out there try it once and see if you disagree.   If the ladies wanted to add a Disney flair, like mickeys or polka dots, to the nail polish that is always an option.


Disney Card

I usually opt for a more heartfelt card, but my daughter, knowing how much her mom loves Disney, usually chooses a Disney themed card for her mom.  There is an impressive array of Disney themed cards for every occasion or you could even have the kids make their own for that special touch of homemade crafting quality that melts the heart.



Disney Gifts

My wife is very practical and would rather have an experience or do something for the home rather than have jewelry or some extravagance.  Everyone is different and has their own tastes.  We will often get her a few little items that go with the experience or improvement.  There is always the homemade craft items and coupon books from kids.

There are tons of Disney themed gift ideas at just about every store.  This year we opted for a small Mickey shaped container for her desk from the Hallmark store.  It plays music when opened but that feature can be turned off.


Etsy has a seemingly endless supply of gift ideas for all things, especially Disney.  We have bought a few things from various vendors like this custom wine glass (available here).


The Shop Disney app has almost everything you can buy in the parks if you are looking for that special item that may be a bit more expensive.  My wife is a huge Vera Bradley fan and this limited-edition purse was one of her favorite gifts.


One of my favorite Disney themed gifts for my wife was for her birthday.  It was a children’s ticket to Disney World from the month and year she was born.


Sweet Treat

Decadent treats are almost synonymous with a trip to Disney.  You can go buy some fancy deserts and pies at your favorite local bakery.  You can keep them classy or add some Disney whimsy to the decorations.


If you really want to impress her you can create her favorite desert yourself.  It would be a fun activity and great memory if you can involve the kids.  They will gain some good cooking skills, it will mean more to your wife, and the kids will take pride in their achievement.

One of my wife’s favorite deserts in the bread pudding at Ohana in the Polynesian.  A quick google of the desired dish will take you to a copycat recipe or better yet an instructional video like this one.



Going out for dinner on Mother’s Day is hardly relaxing as seemingly every family pack any decent restaurant in town.  A more relaxing and heart felt dinner would be one in your home made with your own hands for the reasons listed above.  A dish that has become a staple of virtually every fun dish when I give my family a choice is our recreation of the Animal Kingdom’s Flame Tree Barbecue french fries with barbecue sauce and nacho cheese.  It is hands down one of our favorite things in the parks and just a sloppy decadent mess that is great if you are looking for fun family dish.  This dish is an easy recipe that we cheat on.  We throw in some of our favorite french fries or tator tots, buy some of the that nacho cheese from the deli section of the local grocery store, and swing through the best bbq place in town (there is no way you will top a slow cooked piece for pork that is made by a pit master).  Lay down a bed of cooked fries, top with the nacho (or as AJ at the Disney Food Blog calls it Plastic) cheese, generous amounts of pulled pork, and the sauce of your choice and voila.


Movie or Home Video

To wind down your evening you could relax in your preferred place of movie watching (your bed, the basement, or the backyard) and have a family movie night with some homemade popcorn.  We will sometimes watch an hold home movie our vacations to Disney World, watch a mom themed Disney movie like Brave, or let her chose whatever she wants, it is her day after all.


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Until next time…


The Imagine Ears features the DIY projects, adventures, and thoughts of a father and daughter who use a shared love of all things Disney to create memories together through encouraging her interests in architecture, design, Imagineering, while exploring history and science.


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