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How to survive the heat on your next Disney World vacation


Ahhh, Florida in the summertime.  Insanely hot temperatures…check.  100% Humidity…check.   Random torrential downpours that may go away in 5 minutes or 5 hours…check.  That may not sound like a great travel slogan or make you want to go, but Disney World is there.  So, we go.   You may have some control over when you vacation, or have some longer school breaks, or be willing to take your children out of school.  But, if you are like a majority of the population you will head to Walt Disney World in the summer when costs are high, crowds are big, and temperatures are hot and balmy.  We have put together a helpful set of tips on how to handle the Florida weather.  These tips are good year-round because Florida is always pretty warm and humid and always has a chance of rain.



I once read somewhere that when you take a kid to Disney, especially a young child, they will have a meltdown.  It is just a fact of life, like the sun rising.  Even if your child I is usually well behaved and mild mannered they will succumb.  It will be a combination of the heat, the crowds, the inability to run around, the lack of naps, the sugar, or the over-stimulation.  You should just expect it.  You may get looks from parents but mostly looks of sympathy, as in “we know your pain”.  Just because they will happen does not mean you can’t prepare for them and lessen the frequency or intensity.

Take It Slow


Going to fast can really take a toll on older guest and children alike.  You may want to invest in a stroller for the little ones. But, please be careful when driving and say “I’m sorry” when you inevitably roll into someone’s ankle.

Animal Kingdom is the Hottest Park


It is just a fact that the Animal Kingdom is hotter than any other park at the same time on the same day.  When building the Animal Kingdom Imagineers brought in special trees and plants to trap the humidity and more closely give the animals the climate they enjoy.  So, if it is 80 at the Magic Kingdom it is 90+ at the Animal Kingdom

Rotate Between the Sun and Air-conditioning


A good tip is to rotate between lines that are mostly outside and rides whose lines are mostly inside.  This gives the group a chance to cool off and not get beat down ride after ride by the heat.  Some rides have an entirely contained and cooled line while others are completely outdoors with only the occasional fan.  Here is a brief guide to rides and lines that are air-conditioned.  The * means the ride is also a wonderful place to rest your feet and cool off.

Magic Kingdom EPCOT Hollywood Studios Animal Kingdom
Carousel of Progress* American Adventure* Star Wars Launch Bay* Avatar Flights of Passage
Hall of Presidents* Innoventions* One Man’s Dream* Just bring a fan
Space Mountain Soarin Toy Story Midway Mania
Under the Sea Test Track Star Tours
Pirates of the Caribbean Mission Space The Muppets in 3D
Philharmagic Nemo and Friends
Peter Pan (mostly)
Meet Mickey
Fairytale Hall

Come Prepared


Bring a fan, a cooling rag, or a mister.  You can buy many of these things at the park, but you can usually get cheaper and better items online before you enter the park.

Frozen Treats


Schedule a cool treat.   It is easy to do and Disney has a wide variety in each park. We always try to stop for a cool refreshing treat like a mickey bar or sandwich, a frozen fruit bar, or a slushy.

Air Conditioned Restaurants


Know which restaurants are air-conditioned.  All the fancier, reservation style establishments have AC, but there are a few air-conditioned restaurants in the parks that are quick-service, meaning you can walk right in without reservation.  Here are some:

Magic Kingdom EPCOT Hollywood Studios Animal Kingdom
Columbia Harbor House Sunshine seasons Pizzarizzo Pizzafari
Cosmic Rays Liberty Inn ABC Commissary Saltu’li Canteen
Peco’s Bills Les Halles Backlot Express Restaurantasaurus

Dress For Success


Wear light colored clothing, sports shirts the wick away sweat, wear compression shorts or boxer briefs, shoes that dry out fast, etc.

Stay Hydrated


Drink Plenty of Water.  You can bring your own bottles of water in.  Some people freeze the bottle overnight and drink it as it thaws throughout the day. Others bring in filter water bottles.  But an important thing to remember is that every snack location and quick service will give you a FREE cup of ice water when ever you ask for one.

Water Rides?


Some people like to partake in a water ride like Splash Mountain or Kali River Rapids. While they might offer some quick cooling off, I find the rest of the day miserable as your clothes never fully dry in the Florida humidity and you walk around all day in wet shoes.  So, if you going to ride a water ride member to seal up your electronics, have on the right footwear, and maybe wear a poncho.

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