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Ranking the Magic Kingdom rides – Classic Disneyness

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This is part 6 in our ongoing series. Previous parts include:

1.Intro2. Ride Length3. Wait Times –  4. Length vs Wait  – 5. Thrillingness

There is final key ingredient to what makes a ride enjoyable.  I will call it that “Classic Disney” feeling.  These are rides that may not be thrilling but are enjoyable in a historical and nostalgic way.  For example, it’s a small world, the Enchanted Tiki room, and The Carousel of Progress are never going to be seen as thrilling, but they were overseen by Walt Disney himself and have a classic sentimentality that makes them just as enjoyable as a thrill ride, only in a different way.  Also, not everyone one enjoys the thrills or maybe you have younger or older guests with you on your trip.  In the Thrillingness blog post I mentioned the survey of 100 people of various ages.  In addition to having them rank the excitement on a scale of 1-10 I also had them rate the Disneyness of each attraction. Again, I did encourage them to try to spread out the scores and give no more than 3 rides the same score.

Not everyone was able to follow the rule of 3 rides.  I don’t necessarily agree with these results like I did with the Thrillingness but that is why I did the survey in the first place.

chart disneyness

Here is the data…

1 Dumbo the Flying Elephant 9.9
2 it’s a small world 9.8
3 Haunted Mansion 9.6
4 Pirates of the Caribbean 9.4
5 Peter Pan’s Flight 9.1
6 Mad Tea Party 9
7 Space Mountain 8.7
8 Jungle Cruise 8.4
9 TTA Peoplemover * 8.3
10 Splash Mountain 8.2
11 The Hall of Presidents ³ 7.7
12 Enchanted Tiki Room ³ 7.6
13 Walt Disney Railroad ² 7.4
14 Carousel of Progress ³ 6.8
15 Big Thunder Mountain Railroad 6.7
16 Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh 6.2
17 Prince Charming’s Royal Carrousel 5.9
18 Seven Dwarfs Mine Train 5.5
19 Country Bear Jamboree ³ 4.8
20 Magic Carpets of Aladdin 4
21 Tomorrowland Indy Speedway 3.8
22 Mickey’s PhilharMagic 3.7
23 Under the Sea -Journey of the Little Mermaid 3.1
24 Astro Orbiter 2.9
25 Monster’s Inc. Laugh Floor 2.7
26 Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin 2.4
27 Barnstormer 1.8
28 Swiss Family Treehouse * 1.7
29 Stitch’s Great Escape 1.3



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