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HO Scale Miniature Haunted Mansion

When my daughter first expressed an interest in making a train table the first thing I thought of was building a Haunted Mansion.  It has been on the top of my list since the beginning.  I knew I needed to wait as the building would take some definite skill and precision.  The only other building I have been hesitantly waiting to tackle is Space Mountain.


As I have stated before, I know the Disneyland version is the original, the classic and is deservedly beloved my millions, but personally I just love the architecture of the one in Orlando a little more. The version in Orlando uses this unique Dutch Gothic revival style structure in brick with weird angles, odd shapes and bizarre lines.   Off course, that is what makes it so great.I use Google Earth, my own photos, images of the Olszewski miniature, and the very helpful papercraft site of Haunted Dimensions to understand the overall architectural design.   I always wanted the Olszewski mansion but I actually like my finished product better.  The papercraft version would be a great substitute for anyone looking for their own miniature


The piece stands about 6 inches tall and was made completely from scratch by hand cutting hundreds of pieces of polystyrene.   I went so far as to hand cut the stepped brick elements on the corners.  I am not a CAD expert but was able to design and 3d Print the railing and greenhouse on the printing site Shapeways.  I even used wire screen door patch kits to make the diagonal leaded glass windows.  The real mansion has pieces that are reminiscent of chess pieces.  I found a miniature chess set and actually used the pawns and queens as the decorative finials on the roof line.   Of course, I had to design mine to light up too.  Here is the almost finished product.

Imagine Ears HO scale miniature Disney Haunted Mansion

The piece is not quite finished.  I still need to add the smokestacks but I could not resist posting it on Halloween.


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The Imagine Ears features the DIY projects, adventures, and thoughts of a father and daughter who use a shared love of all things Disney to create memories together through encouraging her interests in architecture, design, Imagineering, while exploring history and science.

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