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1:87 Snow White Cottage Miniature on Base

Few films fill me with a sense of awe and wonder like the original Snow White.  It may not have the best songs, or the most captivating story, but when it come to setting a precedent nothing comes close.  No one had ever dared to attempt such a feat as a feature length, animated movie in color with sound.  It was more daring and experimental than most anyone gives it credit for.  It was called Walt’s folly and went over scheduled and over budget.  Long before Pixar perfected the art of making an audience try Disney was not sure until the premier if you could make audiences feel real emotion from animated characters.  After the premier Clark Gable (Gone With the Wind) said he wept, Russian film genius Sergei Eisenstein (who directed Battleship Potemkin) said it was the greatest film ever made, and Charlie Chaplin said that in Dopey they had created one of the greatest comedians of all time, .  I wrote more about it this early blog where we created the Evil Queen’s Heart Box.

The cottage from the film is a classic cottage of plaster and timbers with a thatched roof.

snow cottage.png

Rather than reinvent the entire thing I simply heavily modified a small toy from the Polly Pockets line that seemed to be the right scale.  It was modified by condensing the size, closing it up, covering the seams, and sculpting the porch.  It was repainted with a some acrylics and washes.

1:87 Ho Scale Snow White and the Seven 7 Dwarfs Dwarves Cottage

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