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Custom Disney Park Funko Pop – Dreamfinder from Journey Into Imagination

As I have stated EPCOT is one of my favorite parks, specifically the EPCOT of my childhood in the mid 1980’s.  In that era there was a ride called Journey Into Imagination found in the Imagination Pavilion.

imagination pavilion

A year after the park opened, so did the new ride called Journey Into Imagination.  The ride featured the Dreamfinder and a small dragon named Figment.  The ride ran from 1993-1998 when it was closed.  The ride was changed to Journey into YOUR Imagination and included some of that “sweet, sweet” Eisner era synergy and was re-themed around Honey I Shrunk the Kids and they he ride was shortened and the Dreamfinder, Figment and the classic “One Little Spark” song by the Sherman Brothers was removed.  The Eisner years where he was partnered with Frank Wells were magical.  The years following Well’s untimely death were not great for the parks.  This new ride was in the later half of Eisner’s tenure and suffered from the budgetary constraints and the management’s strained relationship with Imagineering.  The new version only lasted a few years from 199-2001 and was re-re-themed into Journey Into Imagination with Figment.  While the ride was still shorter and the Dreamfinder remained absent both Figment and the magical “One Little Spark” song returned.

My custom pop features new sculpting of the beard, vest and feathered bangs, as well as the addition of a custom Figment in his hand.

Imagine Ears Custom Funko Pop Epcot Dreamfinder Figment Journey Into Imagination


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