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Why Walt Disney is the Happiest Place on Earth (for us)

“Disney World is the Happiest Place on Earth” is a slogan as recognizable as any I can think of.  To some this merely clever marketing. Disney’s sneaky PR that was test marketed, or maybe even go so far as subtle brain washing. While I know Disney is a massive billion-dollar corporation that does a fantastic… Continue reading Why Walt Disney is the Happiest Place on Earth (for us)

General Disney Discussion

Spending family time, learning, & creating all with a Disney theme

Hello and welcome to our new blog. We are looking forward to sharing so many of our fun ideas and adventures with you. Our family are fanatics for all things Disney. Over the years as they have acquired some of our other favorite properties like Pixar, Marvel, & Star Wars our love has only deepened. While my wife and I enjoyed Disney like most people (OK, maybe a little more than the average person as we did go there for our honeymoon) it was our daughter that has truly pushed our interest into new heights. It seems that every project she is given at school links back to Disney. Designing new parks for genius hour projects, A-Z creative writing books on the various rides around the world, research reports on the parks and rides that never happened, creative stories . . . {Click trough to continue reading the post}